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As we look towards the future beyond COVID-19 it is apparent that the way we work, travel and gather will be forever changed, with that in mind the creative minds behind conferences need to consider other great ways to attract delegates to their conferences, product launches and company meetings without the need to physically attend. From registration to Q&A remote delegates need to be completely integrated into the live event.

We offer a range of solutions enabling your event to be broadcast to your delegates from any location with an internet connection. From small productions in perhaps a home office where we would send you the equipment with instructional videos and provide support to full production teams working in a venue or event space with a reduced number of delegates and staff our packages cover all requirements.

Basic remote delegates

This service is aimed at conferences, meetings and events where there is a requirement for a small number of remote delegates to be able access the event with a video and audio feed from the presenter.

To provide this level of service clients often use Skype, Microsoft Teams, ZoHo Meeting and Zoom.

Equipment requirements are minimal with a single camera and audio feed from the event, this connects to the computer hosting the meeting or webinar, delegates can connect into the event with an ID and password or by way of a digital initiation.

This service is also ideal for a presenter wishing to host an event from a private home or office, the equipment required can be sent by courier directly and our support team provide remote and telephone support to help the presenter get up and running.

This option assumes the presenter will be using their own Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or ZoHo account.

Equipment Requirement Remote Presenter

  • 1080p Digital Webcam
  • LED Ring Light
  • Tripod
  • USB Microphone
  • Tech Support 1 hour

Cost: £250 +VAT includes courier delivery and collection if required.

Equipment Requirement Event Space Presenter with physical delegates and remote delegates

  • 4k / 1080p Broadcast Camera
  • Tripod stands
  • Digital Mixing Desk
  • Lectern Microphone
  • Tech Engineer Day Rate

Cost £600 +VAT

Branded Event with online registration and feature-rich interaction

This service provides a complete 360 solution to remote delegates accessing the event which may or may not be attended by physical delegates also. With a list of features utilising ZoHo Webinar service or Zoom and our bespoke broadcast production service, we can help you deliver a virtual event with features as below.

Webinar analytics

Analyze and document webinar registrants, attendees, poll results, and Q&A using webinar reports. Download reports as XLS or CSV files.

Customize registration forms

Add customizable fields and questions to your webinar registration. Also, add your company name and logo on the registration page to promote your brand.

Embed registration form

Drive webinar registrations by embedding the registration form on web pages and blogs that your target audience is likely to visit.

Moderate registrants

Qualify and bring the right audience to your webinar. Prevent spammers, or registrants who have not fulfilled pre-requisites like taking a survey or making a payment.

Polls, Q&A, Raise hand

Know your attendees better through live polls that give instant results, and respond to attendees' questions through Q&A. Both of these can be downloaded as reports after your webinar. Attendees can also use the Raise Hand feature to communicate silently with the organizer and co-organizers during a webinar.

Allow to talk

Organizers can let attendees speak in a webinar to ask questions or to clarify doubts using the Allow to talk feature. The voice of the attendees will be captured in webinar recordings.

Make presenter

Make any attendee a presenter if they need to share their screen and speak to the entire audience.

Putting together the equipment for this depends on the needs of the presenter and event space, typically this could be an event space with a stage, lectern, PA system and projector with perhaps 50 physical delegates and virtual delegates in excess of 100, in this illustration the assumption is that all the delegates would need to see the presenter at all times, view the slides during the presentation, take part in a Q & A session, Poll or Survey during the event.

Equipment Requirement

  • 1 of 4k/1080p Broadcast Camera System Fixed Position (Presenter)
  • 1 of 4k/1080p Broadcast Camera System with Operator
  • Digital Mixing Desk
  • Lectern Microphone
  • Q & A Microphone
  • Live Broadcast Production Service
  • Tech Engineer Day Rate

Example cost: with up to 250 Remote Delegates £1650+VAT

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