Rise Recruitment 2017 Event

Rise Recruitment 2017 Event

After an extremely busy Christmas season we started 2017 with another fantastic event, Rise Recruitment are a technical recruitment agency which is growing quickly and performing incredibly well. The management team are a great bunch and value their staff very highly, to this end each year they have a post Christmas party and awards evening celebrating the successes of the business over the past year.

In our 2nd year with this event we were asked by Robyn Lush the event planner to work with a Venetian theme and the venue would be the new Harbour Hotel located in central Bristol near the famous St. Nicolas Market and Corn Street. This hotel has a beautiful and extremely grand ballroom with stone pillars, glass ceiling and decorative freezes it almost is Venetian by design.

Working closely with the imaginative Robyn Lush, we put together a fantastic event, a custom built giant photobooth with Venetian props and backgrounds for all to have fun in which was managed by our photobooth expert Morf from Hotshots Photobooths.

We provided Lighting throughout the ballroom to enhance the architecture and create a warm luxurious feel. Even a water projection across the floor to bring something of Venice into the event. A large stage with screens and lighting for the awards, speeches and the band, the finishing touch was our colour LED dancefloor which is a firm favourite with so many clients.

The dressing of the room was supplied by Themes inc. who provided a gondola, stone walls and pillars, hand painted backdrops, illuminated letters and even artificial grass, trees and huge Venetian masks which we illuminated to add to the effect.

Comedian Paul Tonkinson provided the humour again this year, great gags, interacting with the guests and getting everyone in the mood.

Once the awards and speeches were complete one of our favourite bands took to the stage, Freeze are a very professional band, exceptional musicians that have a passion for music and that shines through in their performance, popular covers with lots of crowd engagement some fantastic guitar solos, big sing alongs and a perfect 90 minute set.

We provided the PA and engineered the complicated sound of this huge venue which is a challenge with such space as the reverb from the height and stone takes careful planning to ensure good sound, a difficult process but overall a total success.

A great event to kick off 2017 with a fantastic crew, band and comedian and at such an amazing venue for a client that knows how to party.