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LED Dance Floors

Are you looking for that something extra? Why not dance the night away on one of our fantastic LED dance floors.

The white starlit dance floor can twinkle below your dancing shoes adding to the party and light show and is a visually stunning addition to any party.

White Twinkling LED Dancefloor - up to 14ft x 14ft: £450.00

All our floors are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, please contact us with your specific requirements. Our dancefloors are UK made to the highest standards of both manufacturing and safety, our floors are fully insured and electrically safety tested.

For more information or just to have a chat over your ideas or plans call us on 0117 9119558
White twinkle dance floor

8 Frequently asked questions about LED Dancefloors

How do I book a light up dance floor

If you like the look of one of our dance floors and would like to know more please drop us an email, call us on 0117 911 9558 or click on the “enquire now” button just above to find out more

Can I have one of these floors in a marquee

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. The answer is not an easy yes or no, these dancefloors lock together in a specific way and are connected to a mains electrical supply so they must be laid in a certain way and on a waterproof level surface.

If installed incorrectly the panels may separate which in turn may cause a trip hazard.

If installed on a surface that is not dry and waterproof this could lead to an electrical fault.

We suggest calling us to discuss the requirements and then speaking to the marquee company to arrange adequate and safe flooring for us to install them on.

Is the dancefloor safe

The dance floors we provide are British made by Grumpy Joes based in Northampton and as such have to pass strict tests set out by the British Standard Agency. Our dance floor panels are also maintained regularly to ensure they are clean and safe before every event.

Our only rule for dance floors is a strict NO DRINKS policy. As they are electrical device, we request all drinks be left on tables before spinning around to the twist commences.

The dance floors are very shiny. Are they slippery

We maintain a strict cleaning and maintenance policy with our dance floors so they stay shiny for your events. The cleaning products we use are specifically designed for maintenance of dance floors and are non-slip so normal shoes will be fine.

Can you set up the dance floor in the morning

In some situations, it is possible for us to set up the floors earlier in the day. This depends on a couple of things.

    • Is it ok with the venue to have early access to the event space?
      Is there equipment being moved around that could potentially scuff or mark the floor?

    If the venue confirm they are happy and there is enough space to set up around it we can set the dance floors up whenever it is most convenient for yourselves.

  • Can I have the dance floors upstairs

    We get asked this quite a bit as well. The answer is yes on one condition.

    There has to be suitable lift access with room to maneuverer the trolley or flight cases from the lift to the event space. Unfortunately, if this is not the case then we can’t install a floor upstairs.

    We recommend talking to us first if you are unsure.

    What is all this about PLI and PAT Certificates and what are they

    Most if not all venues will require the suppliers for your event to provide them with a copy of a current Public Liability Insurance (PLI) policy and a certificate of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) these two documents ensure we are fully insured and that the equipment we are using has been tested and conforms to currently safety requirements.

    Is there a fee to secure the booking

    Booking is simple and requires a booking fee to secure your date, the balance can be spread over a period of time or paid a week before the wedding. All payments can be made using either credit or debit card or bank transfer. You will be sent a receipt each time we receive a payment from you.