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LED Dance Floors

Are you looking to create the wow! factor for your party? A light up Dance Floor could be just right for you. With plenty of options and sizes we are sure to have something ideal for your wedding.

Our twinkling white floor looks visually stunning for all occasions and can capture some beautiful first dance photos. The two videos above showcase both dance floors in action to help you in deciding which floor is right for your wedding.

White Twinkling LED Dancefloor - up to 14ft x 14ft: £450.00

All our floors are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, please contact us with your specific requirements. Our dance floors are UK made to the highest standards of both manufacturing and safety, our floors are fully insured and electrically safety tested.

For more information or just to have a chat over your ideas or plans call us on 0117 9119558
White twinkle dance floor

8 Frequently asked questions about LED Dancefloors

How do you book your LED Dancefloor

Our service is dedicated to providing excellence, this starts at the point of first contact, our team will ensure your event details are taken correctly and will invite you to pop in for a chat to discuss the plans for your big day.

We will discuss the timings and flow of the wedding to ensure we deliver and install the dancefloor at the correct times which is often during the time between a wedding breakfast and evening party. From there you are then of course welcome to take that all home and decide if we are the right supplier for you.

Can the dancefloor be installed in the morning

In some cases this is possible however it very much depends on the venue and available space, unfortunately we cannot permit tables and chairs to be put onto the LED floor as this can potentially leave dirty marks across the floor and in rare cases actually damage the floor.

If there is space and it is suitable for yourselves and the venue then we will of course lay the floor in the morning, make sure to discuss this with us at the time of enquiry or booking to get that detail agreed.

Can the LED Dancefloor be installed in a marquee

We do have this question a lot, here is the thing, to function correctly the floors need to be laid on a flat and level surface that is dry and dust free to avoid panel electrical failure and gaps forming which could become trip hazards.

Here is how we deal with marquees, if you want to book a beautiful LED dancefloor for your wedding we suggest calling us for a chat, let us get all the details from you and in most cases we will reach out the the marquee supplier and get the exact details needed.

What we are saying here is that we would love to supply the dancefloor but we will need to do some checks first. Get in touch for more information.

Can you install the dancefloor in an upstairs room

Again a super common question this one, the answer is normally, yes absolutely we can. However we will need lift access to the upper floors, the reason for this is that the dancefloor is transported either on a trolley or in flight cases, these are super heavy and so a lift is very important.

Having said that if there is no lift we are more than happy to visit the venue and have a look to see if we can come up with a way to install the floor, this may include delivery a day or so earlier and a couple of team installers on the day to carry it in and out of the venue.

Get in touch for a chat over your plans if you feel this question may impact on you.

Is an LED Dancefloor slippery

Our dancefloors are super shinny, we take great pride in keeping our floors in beautiful clean and shinny condition, however the cleaning products are non-slip and so with normal shoes on the floor will be no different to a wooden floor.

Obviously with just socks on its going to be slippery for sure which may help when doing the moonwalk!

Can my guests take their drinks onto the dancefloor

This is a great question, the simple answer really is "no" and here is why.

Weddings are a celebration and often involve lots of beautiful dresses and suits, children are running around and having fun, later the girls super fantastic so so comfortable shoes become unbareable and so the shoes come off. All these elements mean that a dropped glass of larger or wine could result in a serious injury to feet or indeed a childs face.

Cleaning a spilliage nowadays requires the "big light" to be put on a couple of yellow warning signs to go out and of course either our staff or the venue staff on their hands and knees picking up all the glass before the dancing can resume.

So how to prevent this, super simple, lets try and keep those drinks off the floor and everyone leaves without injury and no red wine stains!

For more information just get in touch for a chat.

What is all this about PLI and PAT Certificates and what are they

Most if not all venues will require the suppliers for your wedding to provide them with a copy of a current Public Liability Insurance (PLI) policy and a certificate of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) these two documents ensure we are fully insured and that the equipment we are using has been tested and conforms to currently safety requirements.

Is there a fee to secure the booking

Booking is simple and requires a booking fee to secure your date, the balance can be spread over a period of time or paid a week before the wedding. All payments can be made using either credit or debit card or bank transfer. You will be sent a receipt each time we receive a payment from you.

what is included
  • Professional Installation
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • PAT Test Certificate
  • Risk Assesment
  • Fully Managed Booking