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Silent Disco

Silent Disco is a great addition to any party, each guest has set of headphones with up to 3 channels available you have plenty of choices, DJ and a couple of iPods, two or even three DJs, the choice is yours.

You can even just hire the silent disco equipment and be the DJ yourselves, connect up your own music sources using the 3.5mm headphone jack and be in total control of the party, we can even provide lighting as part of a DIY package which is delivered to your door charged and ready for us, we collect them the day after the event.

Alternatively, if your party venue has a sound limiter or noise complaints from neighbours or maybe you are partying in your own garden then Silent Disco is the solution, the only noise would be the sound of dancing feet.

If you are a school or business looking to hire these systems on a longer term basis please get in touch for discounted long-term hire pricing.

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Bristol Silent Disco
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