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Illuminated letters

Professionally manufactured light up letters that make a lovely focal point for your wedding venue and a great photo opportunity!

Our illuminated letters are 4ft high and use LED carnival bulbs. All our lights are fitted with dimmers which can be turned down during your evening party to create a lovely effect without washing out the dance floor.

As well as light up LOVE letters We also have MRS & MRS. these can be used for MR & MRS, MR & MR and MRS & MRS.

Having illuminated letters for your wedding day allows for stunning photos. You and your guests will love having pictures around the letters.

We will deliver, set up where you would like them and collect your choice of letters for the full day or just the evening at no additional cost.

LOVE - £150

MR & MRS, MR & MR, MRS & MRS - £175

For more information on our light up letters, any of our services or just to have a chat over your ideas or plans call us on 0117 9119558
light up letters for your wedding day
hire 4ft love letters to add a wow factor
mr and mrs illuminated letters
hire light up letters for your special day
illuminated letters add sparkle to your photos
love letters ith a heart instead of the light up O letter

8 Frequently asked questions about illuminated letters

Are these battery or mains powered?

The letters are mains powered and have a dimmable controller.
This means they can be dimmed slightly when the lights go down for your evening reception so they don't overpower the lighting in the room.

This also comes in handy when photos are being taken.

Can we choose the heart instead of the O or the &

Absolutely. The letters are separate so we can replace the '&' or the 'O' with a heart.
If you would like the letters either side of the DJ booth we can drop the '&'
The options are entirely your choice.

Can we use these outdoors

As the letters are mains powered and are not rated for outdoor use they can not be illuminated outside.
They can in certain cases depending on weather conditions and cover be put outside for arrivals or outdoor drinks reception.

Can you provide other letters

Other letters are available at £40 per letter.
Contact us with your requests and we will check their availability for you.

Can these be moved easily

When the letters are set up and connected to the mains power supply they are not easily moved. If you require them in a different position this can be arranged.
There is an additional fee of £35 for the letters to be moved.

what are the the dimensions of the letters

All the letters are appoximately 4ft high, each letter is a different width, to give you and idea MR & MRS would be around 14ft wide and LOVE would be 8ft wide, this depends on how the letters are spaced. For more information get in touch and let us know your venue so we can help you plan.

What is all this about PLI and PAT Certificates and what are they

Most if not all venues will require any supplier for your wedding to provide them with a copy of a current Public Liability Insurance (PLI) policy and a certificate of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) these two documents ensure we are fully insured and that the equipment we are using has been tested and conforms to currently safety requirements.

Is there a fee to secure the booking

This will depend on the booking itself.

If the illuminated letters are being added to an existing booking then they are covered by the booking fee for your event.

If the illuminated letters are being hired as a stand-alone item then there is a booking fee to secure your date, the balance can be spread over a period of time or paid a week before the wedding. All payments can be made using either a credit or debit card or bank transfer. You will be sent a receipt each time we receive a payment from you.

what is included with our light up letters
  • Dimmable LED Lighting
  • Professional Installation
  • PLI Insurance
  • PAT Test Certficate
  • Fully Managed Booking
4ft lOVE and MR & MRS light up letters