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Mood Lighting

Create a party atmosphere with decorative up lighting.

We can help to turn a beige room into a rainbow of colour or light up decorative architecture with a range of uplighting options.

We can decorate walls, pillars and even trees with our range of indoor and outdoor mood lighting. If your party has a theme or you just really want your favourite colour, we have mood lighting to suit you.

We have a range of indoor and outdoor lighting including Pea lighting, fairy lighting, floodlights and more.

Prices start from as little as £75

For more information or just to have a chat over your ideas or plans call us on 0117 9119558

8 Frequently asked questions about Mood Lighting

What is mood lighting?

Mood lighting is exactly what it says on the tin. We use a range of different lights in colours of your choosing to set the mood of your event space. This can be subtle up lighting around a room, larger flood lights to colour a ceiling in large venues and even outdoor lighting to create a beautiful entrance or alfresco area for your guests.

Can I put up lighting anywhere?

In most venues the simple answer is yes, we have a range of lights that are suited for indoor use as well as outdoor use.

We also have battery powered lights for situations where there are limited wall sockets.

One of our lighting team will be happy to go through what you would like and how we can achieve it.

How do I book additional lighting for my event?
If you like the idea of lighting up your venue and would like to know more please drop us an email, call us on 01179119558 or click on the “enquire now” button just above to find out more
Are they safe? Do they get hot?

All of our equipment is PAT tested and safe.

The type of indoor up lighting units that we use is all LED and so the faces of the lighting do not get hot, even if they have been lit for 6 hours.

How many lights will I need?

This will depend on the venue and the effect you desire, the venue often dictates the type of lighting needed as well. We would advise calling or dropping us an email so we can discuss this with you and come up with the best solution for your party.

When will the lighting be set up?

This will depend on your requirements. If you are adding up lights to an DJ package for an evening event, we would most likely set them up alongside the DJ.

If you require a more elaborate set up we will discuss this before you make the decision to book.

What is all this about PLI and PAT Certificates and what are they

Most if not all venues will require suppliers for your event to provide them with a copy of a current Public Liability Insurance (PLI) policy and a certificate of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) these two documents ensure we are fully insured and that the equipment we are using has been tested and conforms to currently safety requirements.

Is there a fee to secure the booking

Booking is simple and requires a booking fee to secure your date, the balance can be spread over a period of time or paid a week before the wedding. All payments can be made using either credit or debit card or bank transfer. You will be sent a receipt each time we receive a payment from you.