Our Team

Meet our management team

With over 50 acts available and clients across the south west managing Cadence Entertainment is a crucial role.

Mark Tew - Managing Director

Mark has been entertaining the masses since 2001. His entertainment career was launched in Bristol where he had a residency playing for the slinky warm up events at Bar-I. He quickly became recognised in the house and trance club scene. During his time as a club DJ he teamed up with long time friend Nick Dyson and as the dance scene evolved so to did their styles. Now back to back partners Dyson and Chewy became one of the top UK Hardcore Performances in Bristol. Initially as a side interest Mark started DJ'ing at disco's, combining his ability to mix with his ear for music Mark was able to turn his club talents to that of party disco music.

Since 2005 Mark has been a Private and Corporate Disco DJ. Mark has worked for some of the biggest Hotel chains and corporate clients. Through years of experience, a keen ear for music and his ability to read the crowds Mark has a controlled approach to his performances. Always making sure he is up to date with the latest songs and top 40 hits but ever aware of the timeless classics. His ability to mix through different genre's often sets him above other DJ's.

Mark took on an entrance course at college to ensure a position at the University of the West of England for a BSc Hons degree in audio and music tech. The knowledge He has learned through this course has been invaluable. Combining the years of practical sound engineering with new learned application of sound manipulation Mark is able to asses surroundings and advise on the optimum sound requirements with the minimum of costs.

Steve Hill - Operations Director

Steve has been a successful Evening entertainer since 2003. His fine ear for music and adaptability have set him head and shoulders above other DJ's in the area. Starting off small and making sure he had everything right paid off massively for Steve. He quickly shot up the ranks in Bristol and very soon was performing Disco's and Karaoke's at top venues across the country, head hunted to DJ for a number of high profile events. Gigging far and wide from Scotland to the South of France Steve's ability to create a live dance floor in any situation has earned him the reputation as one of Bristol's most reliable DJ's.

As well as prestigious wedding performances and being requested personally for corporate Christmas events Steve is an avid musician. Through his connections in the music industry Steve has been the live sound engineer for some of Bristol's best Bands for Hire. With his skill behind the mixing desk and trained ear for good sound Steve is the man to have at events combining a band and a DJ.

Having built a number of successful businesses over the past 20 years, Steve brings a level of business knowledge and expertise to Cadence Entertainment that allows our team to forge ahead knowing the mechanics of the business and logistics are the best they can be. With expertise in both management and accounting Steve has the ability to make anything simply 'happen'.